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Ignite Your Imagination. Discover New Passions. 

The JavaScript SmartStart program at Eleven Fifty is designed to immerse you in the world of coding and fully prepare you to become a junior developer after completing the program. Instructors will guide you in this code-in-the-now style program where you’ll go from knowing very little about coding to developing, building, and deploying applications.

Please note that due to the holidays the SmartStart program starting December 3, 2018 will be taught over the course of 13 weeks.
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Course Details

Course Length: 3, 8, or 12 Weeks
Course Location: Eleven Fifty Academy
Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Ready to start your journey to becoming a junior programmer?

The immersive JavaScript SmartStart program will expose you to all of the technologies and theories you need to become a junior developer. You’ll learn from instructors with real-world experiences who are passionate about helping new coders, just like you, master the foundations and excel at their passions. Throughout the coding program, you’ll also gain soft skills like teamwork and presenting your work that are designed specifically to help you find a job after completing the program. Though we make no guarantees, our Career Readiness team will help connect you to employers, internships, and apprenticeships, so you can gain even more hands-on experiences. 

Skills: To successfully complete this course, you need to understand basic computer science concepts such as loops, functions, and arrays. We recommend you take our Introduction to Coding course to gain the knowledge you need. Knowledge of JavaScript may also be helpful, but is not required. Basic computer navigation and minimal typing of 30 WPM is required to enroll in this program.


If you’re using a Windows laptop, here’s what you’ll need:

  • At least 4 gigs of RAM
  • At least 250 gigs of hard drive space
  • Intel i5 or greater / AMD a10-7800 or greater
  • Windows Version 10 or newer
  • You will also want to clean off unneeded files and defragment your hard drive before class to maximize your laptop’s performance during class.

If you’re using a Mac laptop, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2011 MacBook or newer
  • At least 80 gigs of hard drive space
  • Latest MacOSx
  • You will also want to clean off unneeded files before class to maximize your laptop’s performance during class.

Software: A modern web browser (Firefox or Chrome is recommended), a code-friendly text editor (Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Test, Notepad ++), an SSH key, Git, a Github/Bitbucket account, and a local PostgreSQL database setup.

Choose the Program that works best for you

3 Week Option

Want to build the foundation you need to become a JavaScript programmer? The three-week option is all about mastering the basics and understanding the JavaScript language. By the end of the three-weeks, you’ll have started building an online portfolio.

8 Week Option

If you want to learn the basics and develop a deeper understanding of JavaScript, but aren’t looking to join the workforce just yet, then the 8-week option is perfect for you. Instructors will guide you through team projects and application development.

12 Week Option

The twelve-week option gives you the foundations, walks you through the JavaScript language, and gives you the skills you need to be a polished junior developer. Through the program, we’ll help you explore career options and help you position yourself for a bright future.

More than just a course


Learn by doing. Actual coding takes place on day one.


Complete the program in weeks not in years.


Build your portfolio with course projects and usable apps.


Mock interviews and resume building are built into the curriculum.


Gain real-world experience under the watchful eye of our staff.


Connect with local employers looking to hire today.

Haven’t Applied Yet?

Before purchasing this course, please take a few minutes to apply for the SmartStart program and make sure you talk with a member of the Eleven Fifty Academy Admissions Team.

Additional information


Three Weeks, Eight Weeks, Twelve Week


December 3 – March 1, January 7 – March 29, March 4 – May 31


$1000 Deposit (Reserve Seat), $250 Deposit (Reserve Seat), Pay in Full